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Oh look I'm posting something after months of not posting anything whatsoever (I don't really feel comfortable posting about RL stuff -- I get why people use flocks for that now, haha! -- so instead I will blog about video games because video games are basically 90% of my life)

1)999 rant!Collapse )

Also, I took a quick look at the sequel to the game, and... Alice, what are you wearing. A metal necklace is not a good substitute for a bra ;A;

2) In other gaming news, Pokémon Conquest! It's amazing and I love it *_*!! It's just as enjoyable as the main games to me, and I certainly wasn't expecting that from a spin-off, so I was very pleasantly surprised. My biggest issue is really the lack of a story. I mean, technically there is one, it's just that there's so little of it, and it's really a shame! Unless you count the warriors' constant random quips during battle. Some of them are pretty hilarious (especially Kanetsugu's constant rambling about honor! I never thought I'd see a character worse than Zuko on that front, but he really is and he pretty much can't say so much as a sentence without the word honor in it)

Either way, a Pokémon SRPG crossed over with Samurai Warriors (I guess it's technically Nobunaga's Ambition, but the characters are from SW3) was clearly the best idea ever and whoever thought of it deserves a medal. A golden one!

3) Speaking of Samurai Warriors, Conquest made me feel very interested in the series, so I've spent the past few days reading up on it, and from what I gather the games are basically set during war times, have lots and lots of playable characters, and apparently there's also a lot of gay subtext hmm that sure sounds like another game series I like a lot even though they're completely different gameplay-wise and kind of setting-wise too

I ramble about samurai games (and also video game reviews, apparently?)Collapse )

I am addicted to candied almonds

(... and the subject is completely unrelated to the rest of this post, but it's also very true. It's a little unfortunate because they're kind of expensive!)

Merry Christmas! As a belated Christmas present, I'll gift a 2-month paid account to anyone who a) asks for one (by commenting on this post) and b) is currently on my flist. :D I'm not sure if people are interested in paid accounts right now, especially since there seems to be another one of those Dreamwidth-migrations going on, so... I figured it would be best to let people ask for them, I guess! Though I get the feeling I won't get any comments haha but I always get that feeling

As for the new commenting system... I still maintain that I like some of the added features, but I don't understand why they had to take away subject lines and the like. I can definitely see how that would ruin RP communities and journals like fandom!secrets! And now that I've read up a bit on the issue, these comments are very alarming, because if that's how the LJ staff members treat the userbase, then that's honestly not acceptable at all. :/ That guy has the attitude of a forum troll and it's pretty depressing to see.
(Hmm. I'm wondering if I should give DW a try.)

Um, and just in case anyone was interested in the Tellius FE MBTI-list thingy at all, I also made a tumblr post about it. Hopefully it's not as confusing to read as my last LJ entry was. Also, it has a pretty picture!

Tellius FE MBTI List

... so I haven't made a post in several weeks (again!), but instead of writing a proper journal entry, I'm just going to put my MBTI list for the FE9/10 characters here

Basically, I've tried to decide upon an MBTI type for all of the Tellius characters -- none of these are set in stone and I'm basically only doing it for fun, so um, if anybody has any input, that'd be great! Especially considering I seem to be kind of bad at typing people.

I considered writing down reasons and such, but I figured the list is already long enough as is, so I'm not really going to explain them in this post (but if somebody wants explanations for any of the characters, please comment :D) Though this isn't relevant to the interests of... anybody besides me, is it

(Also, in case somebody wants to take an MBTI test, this one is short and should work well enough.)

Here is the actual list, which I'm cutting because it's very tl;drCollapse )
I'm not sure why I'm posting to LJ because I keep thinking "hey, this stuff isn't going to interest anybody on your flist"
but then I realized that it interests me, and so long as it does that, it should be ok to post things. I think. Probably.

1) I've been playing lots of games lately, sooo it's gameblogging time. (I kind of mostly intended to use this LJ for gameblogging, so why not!)

In which I write one paragraph about Super Mario Galaxy and four about XenobladeCollapse )

2) So, Skyward Sword. I wouldn't really call myself a Zelda fan, because whenever I try to play a Zelda game I get stuck on the second dungeon because I'm so bad at puzzles and then I'm always all "nnnope, guess this series isn't for me" but
I've decided that, for once, I'm going to try to actually play a Zelda game. And beat it. Maybe I'll finally be able to understand why the series is so popular!

I don't usually get hyped up for Zelda gamesCollapse )

3) In other news, I haven't drawn anything in what feels like forever because I decided that, ultimately, video games + school > drawing fan art. It was probably a wise decision. (Though I've been wasting a lot of time trying to figure out which MBTI types the Tellius FE characters would have instead, so I'm not sure it's working particularly well and there are so many things I want to draw aslfjslfksd)

I feel bad for posting this entry because it's so ranty and weird so I will share this video of a kitty just in case there's somebody who hasn't seen it yet who comes across this post
... actually, what is that cat even doing? Is it feeling ok, because it looks sort of scared and now I feel bad for it :'(


... because why not. Actually I'm not sure if reposting my art here is a good idea, but I'm going to do it anyway
I would post stuff to doodle_emblem if that wasn't so terrifying, but then again, these aren't technically doodles, are they? Hmm.

I finished the Chibiffrey and Chibilincia thingy after all! (I wanted to add a Lucia who'd tease Geoffrey about his ~serenading~, buuut I was too lazy to draw her. I'm probably just going to draw Lucia for Lucia13:th December, either way, because I mean. How could I not? :D)

Percival braiding Elphin's hair. Um, this was technically supposed to be for both a dA project and the "While Resting" FE 100 themes prompt, until I realized it didn't fit the prompt at all. Whoops I'll pretend it counts anyway since if they're not fighting they might as well be resting, right? Um. Yes.

Also I'm kind of realizing that my previews are frustratingly tiny, but posting my art directly onto LJ just looks silly so I guess I'll just keep making tiny previews. Or maybe I should use cuts
they look so silly it's kind of endearing, really

Also, the reason I don't post to LJ much is because thinking about posting to LJ occasionally causes me to have random bouts of depression (but not today, which is cool!)

1) In which I decide to rant about the Persona 4 animeCollapse )

This is only somewhat related, but I've always wondered what it'd be like to see an anime adaption of a video game which kept all of said game's story-related content, including side-quests and the like. The pacing would be really slow, yeah, but I'm still kind of curious as to how it'd turn out. (I can't help but to imagine a Tales of anime with fully animated and voiced skits, or an FE anime with all of the supports
... um I think I just really want a good FE anime)

2) Babbling about a Radiant Dawn Let's Play I decided to read for whatever reasonCollapse )

3) This video of Phoenix Wright in Marvel vs Capcom is probably not really relevant to the interests of, well, the vast majority of the people on my flist, but I'm still posting about it here because
he attacks by throwing paper at his enemies
it's just so perfect
(yes I know nobody cares, but I'm going to make an overly elaborate post about this either way)
For once the subject is sort of relevant, because this post is going to be about the 20th Anniversary Artbook (I'm really late to the party but um) and what little of the Japanese in it I actually understand, which is barely anything, really, because I don't speak Japanese lol - actually, I'm surprised nobody has attempted to translate much of it yet also I would pay somebody to translate the entire book omg

First of all, there's a small amount of new art at the start of the book, almost all of which has been uploaded to this tumblr before (the only thing missing is a picture of Yuria, I think?), so just in case there's somebody out there who hasn't seen the artbook-exclusive stuff, I'll link it here:

Read more...Collapse )

In addition to this, there's some concept art at the end of the Tellius section (link because why not!). The text on the page mentions that the concept art was drawn for the games' CG scenes which is a bit odd considering Elincia's PoR battle outfit never actually appears in a CG movie? Either way, it'd make sense for the rest of the characters to have similar concept art, since it'd be hard to make 3D models for them otherwise. :D

The text next to Ike mentions how he keeps smaller accessories and a "small sword" which really looks more like a knife than anything else on his thigh; the text next to Soren says that "the timid Soren drawing on the lower right is very cute. Perhaps Ike scolded him..." so basically what I'm getting from that is that Ike is a jerk >:| but it's ok Ike, I still like you

Some other notes on the Tellius section:

Read more...Collapse )

Speaking of ending notes, if a character has a paired ending with another character, there will be a green box with the header "If..." below their profiles, which explains what happens in their paired endings and comments on them. ... I kind of wish I actually understood the comments in question but I don't whoops

The Magvel section has art of Mansel and Morva, which I haven't seen before! It's not in Serenes Forest's Gallery section for FE8, at least, but I'm still not entirely sure if their official art is artbook-exclusive or not. (If it is, I think I'll try snapping some photos of it because unreleased offical art sort of bugs me.)

If my Japanese ever gets good enough for me to actually understand the text in this book, I think I'm going to prioritize translating the profiles for the new RD characters since I'm curious about whether they might give hints about their personalities or not! So now I just have to spend a few years studying Japanese yaaay except I don't really want to because Kanji are pretty annoying
To be honest, my first reaction was "this art style is not good :|", but after watching the trailers and reading up on it, my opinion turned into "the gameplay looks fun and the 3D battles are cute and the music is nice but this art style is not good :|" I mean, it's basically a generic anime art style using the most bland color palette ever, not to mention that Liz's hair makes zero sense and I will whine forever about this ok

I've written a post on tumblr with a bunch of info here, for the curious (so you won't have to wade through Serenes Forest and GameFAQs for information, yay!) - I'll copypaste it, because it seems convenient:
Cut for list with info~Collapse )
Also, can I just point out that Liz is Krom's sister (I'm apparently the only person who noticed this in the trailers which is kind of surprising!) and therefore rather unlikely to be the love interest (yes, I know it's FE, but uh. no.)? I am a little worried that they'll end up essentially being Ike and Mist expies - well, except that Krom is probably going to be a prince and, by extension, Liz might be some sort of princess. Also, I really hope IS isn't making the new lord really similar to Ike because they want Krom to replace him in SSB4, because... that's the first thing that comes to mind! ;_; I am so pessimistic lately why
I'm even starting to forget how to use proper punctuation, man (at least my entries aren't written in ALLCAPS... yet)
But anyway, I drew an embarrassed singing Chibiffrey! I've never drawn a chibi before, so chances are this looks completely horrible and I just haven't realized it yet, but um I'll post it either way

I'm considering actually shading him properly and drawing a Chibilincia for him to sing for, because that sounds cute ♥ I will probably do that when I stop being lazy!

... I'm technically supposed to be drawing that Elphin/Percival thingy, but I've been struck with a sudden inspiration to draw fem!Ike. Yes. Her name will be Ikea, thereby enabling me to make lots and lots of unfunny furniture jokes (it's obviously the perfect name for fem!Ike)

LJ why are you messing up my posts ;__;

(I ended up deleting and remaking my post because the HTML got so messed up when I went to edit it somehow - I'm really, really sorry to whomever actually commented, but editing the HMTL wasn't helping either ;A; I am just going to ignore any formatting errors this time)

1) This is a rather odd topic to bring up (I mean, I always bring up odd topics, but still), but I see a lot of artists talking about how they always have these perfect pictures in their heads that they want to put down on paper, and the more I think about it, the more it seems to me that I can't really relate. I do have a general idea of what I want to draw, obviously - but I'm very bad at actually picturing things, which is probably part of the reason composition gives me so much trouble. I can't imagine pictures properly most of the time, so I don't know what I want my art to look like until I actually try drawing something. ... maybe drawing thumbnails could be a good solution, though~

I'm kind of trying to figure out if this is just a result of poor planning on my part or me being more of an auditive thinker than a visual one. Probably both, since I've noticed I can't visualize scenes in books too well, either. It's kind of making me wish I had some kind of musical talent, but I really don't. At all. :')

2) I had the sudden inspiration to start an Tellius!FE-themed playthrough of a Pokémon game a while ago, and so I decided to replay Pokémon Colosseum, which I've come to realize might not have been a good idea since there are only 50 catchable pokémon but um
... I did it anyway

please LJ don't mess this cut upCollapse )
3)Also, I talk about meta month without writing any real metaCollapse )

Also, since I'm sort-of-but-not-really on the topic of Archanea anyway - does anybody know if the Marth/Sheeda or Marth/Merric supports from FE12 have been translated? I know there's a thread on Serenes Forest about Shin Monshou with some translations, but I don't recall those specific supports being there, and I'm kind of curious about them~ (I'd like to try translating them myself, but my Japanese is awful so I'd probably fail horribly)


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